Skywheels' performance, safety, and customer satisfaction are unequaled in the industry. We don't build the cheapest rotor blades, and that's for good reasons!

Flying Skywheels is like having power-steering in the sky.

Pilots report they can make steep turns and soft landings.

The Skywheels rotor system is being manufactured again following an 18-year production hiatus. The Skywheels name has a loyal pilot following with a performance and safety record dating back to 1984. Take confidence in flying Skywheels on your home-built or gyroplane rotorcraft. > More about Skywheels.

Skywheels is an engineered rotor system compromised of two rotor blades, a center section, essential tower height parts, and AN retention hardware. The high-inertia design favors performance, safety, predictability, and forgiveness. Skywheels is designed to exceed the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation Part 27 (requirements for normal category rotorcraft).

The rotor system is manufactured from composite material following a time-tested and proven process. The rotor blade chord is 8-inches wide for all lengths and offers two different style tip ends. One style is a square tip and the other a swept tip. The color options include Air Command red, bright white, and custom colors to your preference (subject to availability). The center section is 10-inches wide and engineered with a fixed pitch.  It has a molded 12-inch deep pocket at each end for blade chord alignment and blade retention. The pocket is a ‘plug and play’ feature allowing for quick assembly and inline tracking every time.

Skywheels will arrive to you flight ready; however, some fine-tuning may be required under actual flight conditions.  An Owner’s Manual that includes technical guidance is provided for safe operations. > More on rotor blade selection and planning.

Product Quality Assurance at Aerospace Standards

Through a joint partnership, Skywheels is manufactured by Blackhawk Aerospace Composites, Inc. in Morgantown, Kentucky USA. Blackhawk specializes in aerospace composites manufacturing. Their work management process is certified AS9100, an aerospace quality assurance standard.

With proper care, use, and storage, our rotor system offers a lifetime of use.

Product Guarantee

If you purchase a set of our rotors and are not satisfied, return them undamaged within 30 days of delivery. Skywheels reserves the right to inspect the product following the refunds portion of our > Policy Statement. If accepted, we will provide a 100% refund, less shipping costs.

Lifetime Warranty

Your continued confidence and enjoyment of our rotor blade system is of importance to us. If at any time and for any reason you feel you would like your rotor system inspected, static or chord balanced or tracked, we will be happy to professionally perform any or all of these services for you free of charge. You simply need to arrange for delivery to us and subsequent return to you of your blade system. This service is offered for the life of the Skywheels rotor system and it does not matter how or from whom you acquired your rotor blades.

Rotor Blade Set Retail Pricing

Total Blade Set Diameter (Length) Center Section Included
Blade Set Price (USD)

23-Foot (701 cm) with 3-Foot Center Section

3-Foot (91 cm) $3,950

24-Foot (731 cm) with 3-Foot Center Section

3-Foot (91 cm) $3,950

25-Foot (762 cm) with 3-Foot Center Section

3-Foot (91 cm) $3,950

25-Foot (762 cm) with 5-Foot Center Section (1)

5-Foot (152 cm) $3,950

26-Foot (792 cm) with 5-Foot Center Section

5-Foot (152 cm) $4,250
27-Foot (822 cm) with 5-Foot Center Section 5-Foot (152 cm)  $4,250

28-Foot (853 cm) with 5-Foot Center Section

5-Foot (152 cm) $4,250

29-Foot (883 cm) with 5-Foot Center Section

5-Foot (152 cm) $4,250

(1) The 25-foot diameter set normally comes with a short (3-foot) center section. Experienced pilots have stated the 25-foot set "flies even smoother" with the long (5-foot) center section. Skywheels has not made any verification of this claim and therefore has no basis upon which to confirm or deny such a claim.

(2) All blade set lengths have an 8-inch (20.32 cm) wide chord.

(3) The tip end of the rotor blade is offered in two different styles. One style is a square tip and the other a swept tip.

(4) The above price information does not include the costs of shipping crates, freight delivery, delivery insurance against damage, applicable sales tax, and, if required, import or VAT fees for international shipments.

(5) A deposit of $250 USD is required to start your custom Skywheels rotor system sales order.  The remainder is due prior to manufacturing or shipping the product, whichever is first in the sequence. We do maintain an on-hand inventory for immediate shipment of Air Command red color with square tip in common rotor diameter lengths.

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Skywheels partners with Blackhawk Composites. Rotor blade deliveries begin in August 2020.

Air Command founder Dennis Fetters flying Skywheels rotor blades.

Gary Goldsberry performing advanced maneuvers with Skywheels rotor blades.