Air Command sells gyroplane kits, sub assemblies (i.e., rotorheads, joystick assembly, centerline thrust upgrade kit), engines, and accessories for pilots to assemble their kit at-home, take to the airport, and fly!

An engineered kit manufactured to quality standards!

With over 35 years of experience, Air Command provides engineered products with outstanding performance at an affordable price. Each part is manufactured and checked for quality assurance.

Bolt-together assembly for modest build-times that meet FAA compliance!

The FAA rules governing Experimental Amateur-Built rotorcraft benefits the owner as the builder for the purpose of their own education and recreation. Within the scope of those rules, Air Command is able to produce gyroplane kits to a level of construction for bolt-together assembly by the owner-builder following the FAA's Majority Portion (51% Rule) requirements for a legal Experimental Amateur-Built rotorcraft.

To contact us about purchasing a gyroplane kit or rotor blades, please > click here to use the email us form located on the contact us webpage.