Assembly Manuals

Flight Training For Compensation or Hire (LODA Request)

  • As of July 12, 2021, you can no longer receive flight training in your own experimental aircraft, or give flight training to someone in their own experimental aircraft for compensation or hire without first receiving an FAA-issued LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority). This also includes flight reviews.
  • To obtain a LODA, owners of experimental aircraft and flight instructors providing flight training in experimental aircraft may submit a request to the following email address: 9-AVS-AFG-LODA@faa.gov.
  • Click here to review the FAA policy notification and what information is required with your request.
  • For safety reasons, the FAA is considering a rulemaking that would enable the flight training activity discussed in the official notification without the need to obtain an exemption or LODA from the FAA.