Air Command gyroplanes are quick, responsive, and stable. They are fun to fly and easy to maintain. To safely operate proper training is required with a qualified and certified gyroplane flight instructor. Don't wait, go fly.™

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New Air Command Single-Seat Gyroplane Design Revealed, February 1, 2022.

Skywheels Rotor Blade Test Flights Completed! (Pilot Report), September 24, 2020.

New Skywheels Rotor Blades Flight Performance (Pilot Report), July 10, 2020.

Flying scenic Utah.

Having fun!

Air Command tandem test pilot Greg Bradley doing a fly-by.

Flight testing, takeoffs and landings. 

Test flight for Air Command flight characteristics.

 Staying in the airport pattern.

Gyroplane responsiveness to pilot inputs.

Low-level flying.

Learning to fly a gyroplane.

Staying in the airport pattern.

First solo takeoff and landing. 

Gyroplane in slow motion.

Air Command promotional video from 1989.