It's exciting to build, maintain, and fly a gyroplane! So, let's get started.

Like any major purchase, a gyroplane is an investment that requires your full consideration. It's important to properly fund your gyroplane rotorcraft purchase, training, travel, and any other considerations to meet your goals and interests. Equally important is teaming up with a certified gyroplane flight instructor (CFI), as well as maintaining pilot proficiency over the years by continuing to build flight time. After all, that's why you're doing this!

While flying and maintaining a gyroplane is a somewhat inexpensive way to be involved in aviation compared to other types of aircraft, it nonetheless costs money. Begin with writing out a budget and then consider your options in how to fund your plan.

How To Fund Your Purchase

  1. Pay cash
  2. Secure financing

    Pay Cash

    We accept many forms of payment. For payment less than $2,000 USD, we'll accept a personal check, money order, Cashier's Check, credit/debit card, and bank transfer from a checking or savings account. PayPal is an option, if requested. Payment over $2,000 USD requires a Cashier's Check or bank transfer from a checking or savings account. We reserve the right to decline suspicious or fraudulent payments.

    Secure Financing

    Work with a lender on financing your purchase.

    To provide an option for our customers, Air Command and Skywheels has teamed up with LightStream to offer low-interest financing to people with good credit.

    LightStream has an easy online application process, and provides a quick response during business hours. This is a confidential process between you and LightStream.

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    DISCLAIMER:  Air Command and Skywheels may be compensated by LightStream for referrals.


    Don't Cut Yourself Short. Be Realistic with Your Funding Requirements

    Aviation can be an expensive but enjoyable and fun hobby, interest, or recreational sport. Establish a budget, identify opportunities, and be realistic with any financial limitations. Schedule a discovery flight with a potential instructor and make sure flying a gyroplane is for you. Plan for unexpected costs or the sudden realities of an expensive aviation commitment. 

    When funding an aviation dream or interest becomes a challenge, the item that is typically cut short is completion of flight training. Costs related to rental of a training gyroplane, dual flight hours with an instructor, and travel can quickly add up. Don't be tempted to save money and teach yourself to fly, or rely on a friend who has some gyroplane experience. While we sometimes hear of people attempting to beat the odds and train them self to fly, it typically doesn't go well and can take much longer. Most importantly, you may damage your gyroplane setting you back financially, seriously injure yourself, or worse be killed. 

    At Air Command and Skywheels, we always suggest to work directly with a certified gyroplane flight instructor, and complete training and certification as your aviation authority requires.

    While a gyroplane appears simple to build and operate, it is not a toy. Any vehicle capable of three-dimensional movement is potentially dangerous.

    Always remember, gyroplanes are as safe as the pilots who fly them.

    Gyroplane Cost Considerations

    • Purchase a new or used gyroplane
    • A new gyroplane may require builder's assistance
    • A used gyroplane may require repair, new parts, or upgrades
    • Airworthiness inspection and rotorcraft licensing
    • Transportation trailer, hangar, and storage
    • Maintenance
    • Insurance
    • 12-month Condition Inspection
    • Travel expenses

    Pilot Training Cost Considerations

    • A pilot medical exam, if required
    • Locating an instructor and examiner
    • Initial or add-on training to include time and materials for flight and ground school
    • Biannual or refresher training
    • Maintain flight proficiency (enjoy flying!)
    • Attend aviation conferences and events
    • Travel expenses