Any vehicle capable of three-dimensional movement is a potentially dangerous vehicle. Gyroplanes are as safe as the pilots who fly them.

Air Command is committed to:

  • The importance of an introductory flight for those interested to learn more about gyroplanes and take that next step.
  • Recognizing the interest our worldwide customers have to Air Command's products and devotion to gyroplane flying, we've created the > Air Command Ambassador ProgramTogether, let's share gyroplane flying with others.
  • Connecting gyroplane instruction by qualified, certified flight instructors with students and existing pilots.
  • Build a network of qualified, certified gyroplane flight instructors and examiners, for both pilots and aircraft, that puts instruction closer to home for students and pilots.

    For an Introductory Flight

    By now, if you've watched several gyroplane flight videos, then you're ready for an introductory flight.  It's time to up your gyroplane interest to the next level!

    Introductory flights are a great way to meet others, see and explore gyroplane rotorcraft up close, gain a better understanding and expand your knowledge and information that will certainly come in handy later on. Plus, it's great and personal way to see how a gyro works at 1,000 feet above ground level.

    > Contact us if we can provide you guidance in locating a gyroplane pilot who offers their time and aircraft for introductory flights. Refer to the > highlighted world map for individual contact information and details. 

    For Students and Pilots

    Making the decision to purchase a gyroplane, regardless if new or used, is an important one. It comes with a significant amount of responsibility and training, but it's definitely worth the effort.

    Another important decision is flight instruction from a qualified, certified gyroplane flight instructor. In the United States, the FAA website serves as an excellent resource. A sport or private pilot certificate is highly suggested.

    A pilot's health and health history is also a consideration. According to the FAA, "You may use your current and valid U.S. driver's license to exercise sport pilot privileges; however, you must hold the required airman medical certificate if you wish to exercise private pilot (or higher) privileges".

    > Contact us if we can offer you guidance or answer questions about certification requirements or locating an instructor. Refer to the > highlighted world map for individual instructor contact information and details.

    FAA Helpful Resource Links
    > Become a Pilot
    > Licenses & Certificates
    > Pilot Regulations
    > Practical Test Standards
    > Medical Certification
    > Search Airmen Registry

    For Gyroplane Flight Instructors

    If you are a qualified, certified gyroplane flight instructor we'll gladly add your information to our FREE listing service and > highlighted world map. Use the email form on the > contact us page. We'll need the following information:

    • Personal name and business name, if applicable
    • Address and country
    • Telephone number, email address and website address
    • Name and address of primary and any secondary training airport(s)
    • Pilot certificate and ratings (email a photo of your pilot's certificate using the email form on the > contact us page.)
    • Gyroplane(s) make and model used for instruction and training
    • Current and previous gyroplane manufacturer models you've flown
    • Services offered, i.e., flight instruction, ground school, introductory flights, etc.

     Air Command International does not endorse nor certify those listed as qualified, certified gyroplane flight instructors or pilots, but simply offers published information as a listing service. Individuals are at their own discretion with any arrangement or fees for instruction or flights, and assume all personal risk and liability.

    Flight Training For Compensation or Hire

    A flight instructor, registered owner, lessor, or lessee of an aircraft shall not be required to obtain a letter of deviation authority from the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration to allow, conduct or receive flight training, checking, and testing in an experimental aircraft if–

    (1) the flight instructor is not providing both the training and the aircraft;

    (2) no person advertises or broadly offers the aircraft as available for flight training, checking, or testing; and

    (3) no person receives compensation for use of the aircraft for a specific flight during which flight training, checking, or testing was received, other than expenses for owning, operating, and maintaining the aircraft.

    Anyone being hired for compensation or offering training in an experimental aircraft and charging money for the aircraft rental will continue to require a letter of deviation authority (LODA) from the FAA.