Air Command has been manufacturing gyroplanes since 1984. Many models were sold since then and several from the early years are still flying today.

While we maintain an inventory of over 500 individual part numbers, it doesn't include all Air Command models from over the years.

We receive phone calls and emails about supplying parts for some of the older production models, i.e., cheek plates, seat tanks, rudders, insta bushings, etc., to keep these gyros flying. We'd like to help customers source these parts.

If you are interested to sell non-flying Air Command gyros or early model parts on the official Air Command website, and it doesn't conflict with our current offerings or what we maintain in inventory, we'd be glad to list it for FREE.

Air Command parts listing details should include:

  • Personal and business name, if applicable
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • City, state and country
  • Air Command gyroplane (non-flyer) model/year and/or part number/name
  • Selling price and any other fees
  • One digital photo per listing (maximum of three listings)

Use the > contact us form to email the above details and your photo (one photo per listing with a maximum of three listings). In the subject line of the contact us form select "Gyroplane Parts For Sale Listing". Listings are posted for 90-days. Air Command International reserves the right to edit or reject submitted listings.


Subaru EJ22 Engine
$3,200 (posted April 3, 2018)
Owner:  Jon Louis,, Mankato, MN USA
Brand new re-built, ready to run


Subaru EJ22 Re-drive
$3,200 (posted April 3, 2018)
Owner:  Jon Louis,, Mankato, MN USA
Re-drive is new, auto flight 200 electric start


The below listing is for illustration purposes only.

Air Command Seat Tank with Cover
$225 (posted March 1, 2018)
Owner:  Joe Flyer, jflyer@hometown.ux, Columbus OH USA

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