At one-time years ago, Air Command had a worldwide dealer network.

Today, it is very important to us at Air Command to consider the right business expansion to rebuild the network in order to represent our products and services as well as share the dream of flight with so many interested individuals! Our goal is to have reliable and dedicated gyroplane support resources close to customers.

We're interested to talk with others about opportunities and locations, regardless if large or small, in establishing Air Command Support Centers worldwide. Some may call this arrangement a dealership or franchise, but we would like to consider our partners as Support Centers to our mutual customers. These Centers will operate as independent business units offering:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Introductory flights
  • Flight instruction
  • Kit builder's assistance
  • Additional responsibilities include starting a flying club and attending fly-in events in your area to share your passion for gyroplanes!

If this opportunity is of interest to you, please > contact us to discuss further.

Joe Covelli
Air Command International