Date: April 4, 2001
Re: Customer Notice
Subject: Elite Configuration
To: All Owners /Operators of Single Place Air Command Gyroplanes
From: Harold F. Smith, President


Service Bulletin No. 01-01-04

The purpose of this Service Bulletin is to advise of an upgrade to the original Air Command Single Place machines to the new Elite configuration. The 2001 Commander Elite Single Place machines are centerline thrust with the vertical center of gravity (C.G.) and the engine thrust vector co-linear.

Air Command International, Inc. has concluded through extensive flight testing that the centerline thrust design imparts increased pitch stability, less drag, and makes the machine easier for beginning gyronauts to learn to fly the single place Air Command autogyro.

This Service Bulletin is applicable to all Air Command single place autogyro kits manufactured since 1985. All Air Command owners and/or recent purchasers' of single place Air Command gyroplanes are advised that Service Bulletin No. 92-09-01 must be accomplished prior to or concurrent with modifying their single place Air Command to the Elite configuration.

This Service Bulletin is optional at the discretion of each individual owner of a single place Air Command.

It is the policy of Air Command to assure continued support for parts and services to all Air Command aircraft. The company will continue to introduce design changes which will include compatibility with existing machines wherever possible.