Gyroplane pilots are ambassadors to the sport and excitement of aviation

Flying a gyroplane is captivating. Not only for you, but any passengers you can take with you as well as those watching from the ground.

There's something about aviation that draws people in. Anyone flying a gyroplane is an ambassador to the world of flight.

Now that we are into the flying season, we'd love to have you share with us a favorite photo or video of your Air Command gyro we can post to our social media channels, to include Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Did you recently "refresh" your gyro with new paint or an upgrade? Send us a photo so we can share it worldwide!

A special thank you to Russ C. in Texas for sharing the photo featured in this blog post of his new Air Command single-place "mission ready" with several Osprey!

Email a photo or video using the contact us page of the website.

If you have an interest to share your knowledge and passion about gyroplanes with others, then consider joining the the Air Command Ambassador team.