Commander Elite Single-Place Rotax 503 Engine (52 hp)

  • Commander Elite Single-Place Rotax 503 Engine (52 hp)

Commander Elite Single-Place Rotax 503 Engine (52 hp)


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68" Mast
60" Three-Blade Prop
Rotax 503 Engine, 52 HP

**Note: Rotax no longer makes new 503 engines.

Rotax Engine 67 HP 52 HP
3-Blade Prop 68 in. 60 in.
Mast Height 78 in. 68 in.
Empty Weight 275 lbs. 255 lbs.
Pilot Weight 175-250 lbs. 165-230 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 5 or 10 gal. seat tank 5 or 10 gal. seat tank
Cruise Speed 20-75 mph 20-75 mph
Slow Speed 0-10 mph 0-10 mph
Maximum Speed 95 mph 95 mph
Takeoff Roll 25-150 feet 25-150 feet
Landing Roll 0-20 feet 0-20 feet
Hover Capacity 15 mph winds min. 15 mph winds min.
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