Skywheels performance, safety and customer satisfaction are unequaled in the industry. We don't build the cheapest rotor blades, and that's for good reasons!

Following a fourteen-year production hiatus, Air Command International announced in October 2018 its acquisition of the Skywheels tooling, test equipment and intellectual property for the production of Skywheels rotor systems. Customer delivery will start in February 2019.

With the acquisition of the entire original Skywheels tooling and test equipment, Skywheels are again available in 23 to 31-foot blade systems; thus, continuing the proven process that exceeds requirements set forth in FAA Part 27 Regulations for normal category rotorcraft. When properly maintained and stored, the rotor system provides unlimited lifetime use.

Skywheels quickly became the leading rotor system for kit-built and experimental gyroplanes. From 1984 until 2001, nearly 3,000 blade-sets were delivered. During that same period of time, Air Command gyroplanes were delivered with Skywheels rotor systems. The two were paired together and considered the gold standard in gyroplane flying.

"While each blade manufacturer has its own characteristics, I found Skywheels to be highly maneuverable and easy to handle." - Paul Sunell, North Carolina

Air Command founder Dennis Fetters flying Skywheels rotor blades.

Gary Goldsberry performing advanced maneuvers with Skywheels rotor blades.