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To join the forum you must be a current Air Command gyroplane owner-builder, a user of Skywheels rotor blade systems, or have a relationship with one of our companies through your aviation involvement. Being a member of the forum is free of charge.

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To prepare ahead of time to answer questions in the application, owner-operators of our products should have available to them the following information:

  • Air Command Gyroplane - Gyroplane registration number, information from the data plate, aircraft logbook, engine logbook, and a photo of the gyroplane. In addition, a determination of your Air Command model type. For photos of various Air Command model types > click here.
  • Skywheels Rotor Blades - The serial number stamped into the rotor blade root end, and measured lengths of the center section and one individual rotor blade (not the complete length of an assembled set).
  • Other Interested Person (non-owner) - Persons holding current certification in the following categories will need to upload a photo of their federally issued card for certified flight instructor (CFI), designated pilot examiner (DPE), designated airworthiness representative (DAR), and Airframe and Powerplant (A/P).  Other options are available to join, but may require an explanation. 

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