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We are bringing the knowledge and interests of Air Command and Skywheels owners together in one place to share, learn, collaborate, and discover.

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Welcome! This online community forum is your place to meet other Air Command owner-builders and users of Skywheels rotors and together share, learn, collaborate, and discover.

A Members-Only Forum. The Community Forum is dedicated to users of our products and services. You must be a registered member to access the forum. Members may login by clicking the "> Forum Login" link to view, post, and participate in discussions. Non-members cannot view the forum discussions or posts.

If you are an active Air Command owner-builder, fly Skywheels rotor blade systems, or affiliated in some way with Air Command or Skywheels, you are encouraged to apply for a free membership by > clicking here and support the community forum with your participation. Please allow up to two business days for application review. Acceptance of applications and continuance of membership in the forum is based on product ownership eligibility requirements and maintaining good standing.

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Disclaimer. Even though Air Command International, LLC and Skywheels, LLC are shown together for convenience purposes, they are separate and distinct entities.

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