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Dragon Wings Rotorblades
All Owners / Operators of Single Place Air Command Gyroplanes
Harold F. Smith, President

Air Command International Inc.
now introduces the product line of

Dragon Wings Rotors

The rotor blades are made from a ( C ) shaped spar with a top and bottom skin bonded on and to each other at the trailing edge; there is a row of rivets on the trailing edge as a secondary load path.

The bonding agent is the same as used by McDonald Douglas on their Commanche and holds a type certificate in England.

The blades have a 6 degrees in 12-ft. positive non-linear twist in them for enhanced performance.

They are tip weighted to insure high flare energy, but overall are much lighter than most other brands.

They have a 1-ft. hub length up to 25ft., then the hub becomes larger to 28 ft.

They have multiple teeter bolt holes to allow for undersling adjustments.

All blades are test flown at the factory in insure quality control.

These blades are hand startable, but it DOES require a large effort.

They are the lightest blades available, 22 ft. 39 lbs.

They come in sizes 22 ft., to 28 ft. in 1-ft. increments

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Dragon Wings Rotorblades
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